Our network: established organizations with experienced professionals

Our global network provides clients with years of experience and in-depth understanding of M&A and financial advisory. We always engage our best resources and expertise to achieve the objectives of our clients.

Conifer Consulting

Conifer Consulting is a forest investment pioneer specializing in forest holdings management for institutional investors. In 2021 and 2022 we were the leading forest holding buyer in Finland with over 100 millions worth of acquired forest holdings for our clients and in 2023 we are aiming to increase our acquisition volume.


United Bankers is a Finnish investment group specializing in investment products and services. The company offers a wide selection of asset management products and services, fund management, investment banking and real assets investment solutions.

Helsinki / Stockholm

Vision Hunters Ltd provides clients with strategic consulting expertise and advice. Vision Hunters’ team has strong expertise in i.a. pulp and paper, packaging and energy sectors.


Margules Groome is a consultancy focusing on the forestry, bio solutions, wood products, pulp & paper and agriculture sectors.

Margules Groome has a rich heritage and is named after two pioneering forestry consultants: John Groome, who established J G Groome and Associates in New Zealand in 1962, and Ray Margules, who established Margules and Partners in Australia in 1967.

Margules Groome provide unique combination of forestry management and consulting skills, deep industry knowledge and technical know-how, which enables them to provide a wide range of expert services. These include analysis, advice, and reporting for corporate finance, resource and business strategy, sustainability, market situation and forecast, operations, and tech solutions.

Canberra / Auckland

Uniter Investment Company is a leading advisory company in Belarus providing foreign investors and domestic companies with a full range of high-quality services in the capital markets and corporate finance.


Häggblom Enterprises offers strategy, M&A, and manufacturing excellence and BOD advisory that accelerates and amplifies financial and operational results.

New York / Houston

The Forest Company is a closed-ended investment company focusing on forest plantations in areas with high biological growth rates, such as Brazil and Colombia.

Latin America

BM2C is a Curitiba based management consulting firm with extensive and experience related to South American forest-based industry. BM2C is the synthesis of three decades of professional experience in several forest industry companies and consulting organisations, and international partnerships.

BM2C’s senior consulting team provides a portfolio of high-value solutions related to forestry and forest industry and build solutions that thrive in complex and challenging business environments.


Sâo José is a financial advisor company focused on structuring and executing mergers, acquisition, fund raising, joint ventures, strategic alliances and financial restructurings.

Sao Paulo / Rio de Janeiro

Kauri Capital provides strategic and transaction advisory services for the forest products industry.


Pike & Co, based in Uruguay, provides a wide range of consultancy and management services to forest and forest industry clients related to the use and conservation of natural resources. Pike & Co was established in August 2002, with the clear objective to be the key agent in the development of the forestry sector in Uruguay.

Pike Forestry Consultants has brought together a team of professionals with deep knowledge in forest plantations and management, together with the logistics and industrialisation of Uruguayan wood products, and also broad experience in the development of local and international projects.


Better return on your forest investment

The objective of Aari’s forest management strategy is to maximize value growth and thus the total long-term return on your investment. This is achieved through good, timely and well-planned forest management.

Aari’s forest plans are always individually tailored for each plot which ensures a better return on investment. Timely thinning gives the strongest trees more space to grow and keeps the forest on the best possible value growth curve.


Mason, Bruce & Girard, Inc. (MB&G) was founded in 1921 by David Mason, an early and vocal advocate for sustained yield forestry.

Since its foundation, MB&G has evolved into a full-service natural resource consulting firm with expertise in environmental services, geographic information systems (GIS), and forestry.

MB&G is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, and have offices in California, Colorado, and Southern Oregon, today employing over fifty professionals providing customer-focused service to help solve some of the most complex natural resource management projects.

United States

With the help of Linnunmaa Lex’s legal compliance service, you can identify the requirements of the legislation concerning your operations, evaluate the fulfillment of the requirements and monitor changes in the regulations. The service is backed by a group of specialist lawyers. The company produces up-to-date legal information that is easily available to you.