"Unique hands-on experience in M&A and strategic advisory in forest industry"

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"Unique hands-on experience in M&A and strategic advisory in forest industry"

We are a Finland based boutique financial advisory company focused on M&A and strategic advisory in forest industry. In addition, we offer Capital Raising and Restructuring services for companies in various industries. Our partners in M&A and Financing Arrangements include ML Capital, the Sinclair Group, Sao Jose Financas Corporativas and Kauri Capital. These companies are managed mainly through ownership and board level cooperation.

Our M&A network is supported by a strategic consultancy network organized under our subsidiary Vision Hunters Ltd active mainly in pulp & paper and biomaterial industries. We utilize the network as a resource base allowing for successful completion of M&A assignments.

Our global network provides clients with years of experience and in-depth understanding of M&A and financial advisory. We always engage our best resources and expertise to achieve the objectives of our clients.

Partners in M&A and Financing Arrangements

Rainer Häggblom Rainer Häggblom
Chairman at Häggblom & Partners
Mr. Häggblom has worked as a supervisor of major M&A, post-merger integration and organizational and strategic development assignments in the forest products and energy industries in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin-America. He has conducted large number of strategy, investment planning and M&A assignments in more than 50 countries in forest industry. He holds several board positions in stock-listed and non-listed companies globally and has a M.Sc. (Econ.) from Helsinki School of Economics and M. Sc. (Forestry ) from Helsinki University.

ML Capital Sinclair Group São José Kauri Capital