Häggblom & Partners Services Offering

Häggblom&Partners offers following services together with its associates:

  • M&A advisory with a focus in the forest industry including pulp and paper, packaging, and mechanical wood industry:
    • Financial analysis
    • Professional material preparation
    • Evaluation of transaction feasibility
    • Assessment of key issues of the transaction
    • Discreet search of acquisition candidates/buyer candidates
  • Capital raising services:
    • Investor search – existing investor relationships
    • Professional material preparation
  • Evaluation of strategies, their strengths and weaknesses and impact on the company future
  • Second opinion of strategic studies
  • Presentations to board level or senior management on strategic or current industry issues
  • Sounding board and discussion partner in critical strategic decisions
  • Matchmaking in developing joint-ventures and strategic alliances
  • Independent board memberships
  • UCITS funds in ML Capitals MontLake platform. The funds as of November 2013 are:
    • Pegasus UCITS Fund – UK Long/Short equity
    • Skyline Emerging Markets UCITS Fund – Global EM Long/Short
    • DUNN WMA UCITS Fund – CTA/Managed Futures
    • Wanger European & US Smaller Companies UCITS Fund
    • FVC Alternative Risk Premia UCITS Fund – Systematic Macro
    • Open Field Capital Technology UCITS Fund
    • North Macro UCITS Fund – Global Macro


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